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  Available Time
  • A green box means that the study room is free and available for reservation.
  • Click in the box and log in with your username and password.
  • This service is only available to students and staff of Jönköping University.
  Reserved Time
  • A red box means that the room is reserved. Click at the wastebasket next to the reservation under “My Bookings” if you would like to cancel your reservation.
  • Reservations can only be cancelled by the person who made the reservation.
  • The same information required to reserve a room (valid university user account) is required to cancel a reservation.
  Reserved, unconfirmed time
  • The box for a reserved time automatically becomes yellow from 30 minutes before until 15 minutes after the start of the reserved time.
  • In order to keep the reservation you need to confirm your reservation by clicking in the box or under “My bookings”.
  • If no confirmation is made the reservation disappears and the room becomes available.

Booking Rules for Study Rooms

Problems with Study Room booking

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